About OCSC

Oregon Consumer/Survivor Coalition was incorporated in the State of Oregon on 31 August 2007.

OCSC’s purpose:

“To establish a statewide network of people who identify as having a psychiatric diagnosis, and/or who feel labeled by one; to share ideas, provide mutual support, work toward common goals, strengthen peer-run organizations, and advocate for positive change in the mental health system.”

In March 2010, OCSC was granted its full nonprofit tax-exempt status under IRS 501(c)(3).

To join or reach OCSC, please send us an e-mail: oregon.united@gmail.com or click on the button below….



Why join OCSC?

A few participants in OCSC’s wildly successful Strategic Retreat have the answer:

Steven Diehl, Corvallis:

OCSC is a is a voice to improve the quality of life for all within the mental health community. Oregonians need to join OCSC to be a major power at the legislature that the politicians cannot ignore, sweep aside, or discredit easily.

Join together as one voice for change the politicians will listen to us and hear us!


Malcolm Aquinas, McMinnville:

OCSC means an opportunity for an historically marginalized group (of which I am a part) to have a voice in the laws, services, and discussions directly affecting them. Moreover, OCSC provides a forum for each of us to work together to dispel the biases, prejudices, and myths that have effectively ostracized us from family, friends, work, and the commons.

OCSC is a beacon that can guide our efforts through the treacherous waters of securing our Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

Oregonians who have a commitment to social justice and a belief in the equality and worth of all people, will be honored to join our movement and join OCSC!


Shasta Halley, Eugene:

OCSC unites many diverse groups, magnifying our strength and our voices, so we can use our “people power” to advocate for change in a broken mental health system.


Mark Fisher, Grants Pass — OCSC Secretary:

OCSC means empowerment and getting things done in Oregon.


Dennis Lock, Eugene:

These are hard times and everyone needs a friend when it might be overwhelming, one you can trust to give you the best, I think this is OCSC.


Debra McLean, Salem — Facilitator at Strategic Retreat:

OCSC is a united and yet diverse voice that is peer driven, that can influence policy and practice.


Chrissy Peirsol, Eugene — Young Adult Leader:

OCSC means a place for everyone’s voice. OCSC is a place were we can feel safe to say what we want. I’m glad that I can meet up with other community members and see what they’re up to and see how we can all help each other in our same cause.



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OCSC • PO Box 11284 • Eugene, OR 97440
Email: oregon.united@gmail.com
office ph: 541-345-9106