OCSC Statewide Gathering: Success!

Posted on October 19, 2012 in Featured, Legislature

On Wednesday, the 10th of October 2012, about 90 mental health consumers, survivors, and their allies met at the Portland Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Portland, OR. October 10th was also internationally recognized as World Mental Health Day.

People from all over Oregon were there, exchanging ideas on how to promote positive legislative changes for consumers. The photo on left shows OCSC board member Becky Edens of Tillamook, OR on the Oregon coast, on the left. With the microphone on the right is fellow board member Chris Cooley, an from Ontario, OR on the eastern side of the state. Chris was joined by several other consumers from groups representing eastern Oregon.

Many people voiced concerns, asked questions, and were guided through steps necessary to promote legislation to a representative at the local level. A current legislator from Portland was present as well. Representative Lew Frederick of district 43 encouraged fellow attendees to contact state senators and representatives to move for an Oregon Office of Mental Health Consumer Activities.

These Offices of Mental Health Consumer Activities already exist in many states to try to guarantee the interests of consumers and survivors. Representative Frederick pledged to file such a bill himself. Many, many thanks to everyone who helped plan and organize the event, one of the few gatherings of Oregon consumer/survivors in the past decade. Finally, we here at OCSC are also eternally grateful for the energy and enthusiasm of those who attended.

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